Programming using FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter

Learn the uploading a Program using FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter with Arduino IDE.

What is FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter?

The USB TTL Serial cables provide connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces. There is a range of FTDI cables are available. This USB to TTL Serial Converter also works on different output voltages like 5V, 3.3V.

This all cables FTDI FT232R device integrated. This works within the cable USB type connector, which provide access to UART Transmit (Tx), Receive (Rx), RTS#, CTS#, VCC (5V) and GND connections.

Basic Hardware of FTDI FTD1232 USB to TTL Serial

FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter Pinout

Pin functionality of FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter

  1. DTR – Reset the other hardware device
  2. RX – Used to receive the serial data.
  3. TX – Used to transmit the serial data.
  4. VCC – Provides 5V or 3.3V voltage output as per the requirement
  5. CTS – Enable or disable the programming mode of device
  6. GND – Ground pin

Uploading program using FTDI USB to TTL Serial Converter in Arduino IDE

  1. Connect the FTDI Cable to USB Port (Sometimes connecting FTDI Cable to USB 3.0 port may cause issue)
  2. In Boards Manager select the appropriate Board
  3. In Ports select COM port
  4. Select Programmer as “AVRISP mkll”

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